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Touring Skis

Our ultra-light skis to enjoy ski touring to the fullest and explore the whole mountain. These skis are both made for trailers who want to make the most of the long ascents and also for ski tourers who still want to enjoy the descent in every snow condition
  • Ski Zag : ADRET 81
    $ 720 USD
    High tech materials give this ski the best weight/performance ratio on the market! The wide and ultralight Adret 81 will...
  • Ski Zag : ADRET 88
    $ 750 USD
    Wider than the Adret 81, the Adret 88 will lead you ever further in powdery slopes. Lighter than the previous Adret XL,...
  • Ski Zag : ADRET 88 LADY
    $ 750 USD
    Even lighter, even more performant on hard snow, this Adret 88 Lady will be the best friend of all the touring ladies...

Freerando Skis

Light skis to access tasty snow fields and couloirs. Lightness and off-piste performance are no longer incompatible!
  • Ski Zag : UBAC TEAM
    $ 330 USD
    It's touring family time! Our Ubac Team the 1st freetouring ski on the market specifically designed for kids. With the...
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    2. Award CTC
    Ski Zag : UBAC 95
    $ 665 USD
    The Ubac 95 is still as stable and comfortable. This versatility and its fantastic ease on hard snow have made this ski...
  • Ski Zag : UBAC 95 LADY
    $ 665 USD
    The Ubac 95 Lady have a modified flex and an exceptional weight / performance ratio. This Ubac 95 Lady always provides...
  • Ski Zag : UBAC 105
    $ 680 USD
    Wider than its smaller brother Ubac 95, this Ubac 105 (formerly Ubac XL) will convince the fiercest freeriders to put on...
    1. Award Freerando Mag
    2. Award Ski mag
    Ski Zag : BAKAN
    $ 685 USD
    A very large though ultra-light ski. Playful, stable, tolerant, unsinkable and comfortable, the Bakan will enchant the...

Freeride Patrol Skis

Our most versatile skis with flat tail to both charge off-piste and carve fast on piste. From the mythical BIG providing incredible sensations to the powerful H-112 freeride ski, the Freeride Patrol skis are made for every kind of skier
  • Ski Zag : H-85 LADY
    $ 560 USD
    If enjoying long days of skiing in absolute comfort is your motto, then you will love this ski! Its short radius will...
  • Ski Zag : H-88
    $ 560 USD
    Endowed with an excellent grip on hard pack snow and a short radius, the H88 is really playful and easy to manoeuvrer....
    1. Award SkiLabo
    2. Award LeBonTest.fr
    Ski Zag : H-95 LADY
    $ 585 USD
    The perfect combination of performance, versatility and ease-of-use. Its grippy edges will let you carve fast on pistes,...
    1. Award Pro Ski Lab
    Ski Zag : H-95
    $ 585 USD
    Providing comfort, safety and performance all winter long. From icy pistes to powder, this ski has it all. The ski...
  • Ski Zag : H-105
    $ 630 USD
    This ski is made for strong skiers who want to ski fast and jump big cliffs in large powdery fields. This ski is more...
  • Ski Zag : H-112
    $ 695 USD
    You will find the H-112 under the feet of high level competitors and experienced skiers who look for limitless...
    1. Award 20 OFF
    Ski Zag : H-112 LIMITED EDITION
    $ 685548 USD
    No need to introduce our famous nurse anymore... You will find the H-112 under the feet of high level competitors and...

Freeride Powder Skis

Twintips, playful and snappy skis with double rockers to express yourself in the deep snow. Charge down open powder fields or make short turns in the forest or in couloirs, these skis will be your weapon for exploring fluffy off-piste runs
  • Ski Zag : SLAP TEAM
    $ 310 USD
    Finally a fat ski for young aspiring freeriders! By providing a range of SLAP skis for kids we are ensuring they get to...
    1. Award SKIEUR MAG 17 - 18
    Ski Zag : S-104 LADY
    $ 605 USD
    With 104 mm under foot and a double rocker, ladies can just as easily navigate through deep powder, as well as, cruise...
  • Ski Zag : S-104
    $ 605 USD
    You will be surprised how versatile this 104mm wide ski is! Capable of taking you from the piste to the backcountry...
    1. Award SkiLabo
    2. Award LeBonTest.fr
    Ski Zag : S-112 LADY
    $ 624 USD
    A ski that will allow the boldest girls to express themselves in deep powder. ...
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    Ski Zag : S-112
    $ 620 USD
    A pinch of freeride and a dash of freestyle backcountry. This wide, light and playful twin-tip ski will amaze you by its...
    1. Award Tester's choice Skeur magazine
    2. Award Ski remarquable Ski Mag
    3. Award SKIEUR MAG 17 - 18
    Ski Zag : S-122
    $ 675 USD
    A genuine powder weapon with a short edge radius and a big double rocker: all you need to play in the forest and in...
  • Ski Zag : S-104 IZIPIZI
    $ 605 USD
    Ultra limited edition of this exclusive collaboration ZAG x IZIPIZI. Pair of freeride skis Zag Freeride Powder S-104...