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Freeride Patrol Skis

Flat-ended and versatile skis for both carving on-piste and exploring off-trail. This diverse range is composed of skis adapted to all types of skiing. From the legendary H-88 offering an enjoyable experience in all snow conditions, to the all-mountain H-95, to the powerful H-112 dominating untracked slopes, everyone can find their perfect match in this range that has provided the skis of choice for the patrollers of the Chamonix Valley.
  • Ski Zag : H-85 LADY
    482.5 HT
    Intuitive and comfortable, don’t judge this ski by its narrow waist and short turn radius. While allowing you to carve...
  • Ski Zag : H-88
    482.5 HT
    Endowed with an excellent grip on hard pack snow and a short radius, the H88 is really playful and easy to manoeuvrer....
  • Ski Zag : H-95
    499.17 HT
    Developed and adopted by the ski patrollers of the Mont-Blanc Valley, the H-95 offers comfort, secu- rity, and...
  • Ski Zag : H-95 LADY
    499.17 HT
    The perfect combination of performance, versatility and ease-of-use. Its grippy edges will let you carve fast on pistes,...
  • Ski Zag : H-105
    540.83 HT
    This ski is made for strong skiers who want to ski fast and jump big cliffs in large powdery fields. This ski is more...
  • Ski Zag : H-112
    607.5 HT
    As its name suggests, this ski is not designed for everyone. An «H» for «Hospital» followed by the European...