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Freeride Powder Skis

Twintips, playful and snappy skis with double rockers to express yourself in the deep snow. Charge down open powder fields or make short turns in the forest or in couloirs, these skis will be your weapon for exploring fluffy off-piste runs
  • Ski Zag : SLAP TEAM
    $ 310 USD
    Finally a fat ski for young aspiring freeriders! By providing a range of SLAP skis for kids we are ensuring they get to...
    1. Award SKIEUR MAG 17 - 18
    Ski Zag : S-104 LADY
    $ 605 USD
    With 104 mm under foot and a double rocker, ladies can just as easily navigate through deep powder, as well as, cruise...
  • Ski Zag : S-104
    $ 605 USD
    You will be surprised how versatile this 104mm wide ski is! Capable of taking you from the piste to the backcountry...
    1. Award SkiLabo
    2. Award LeBonTest.fr
    Ski Zag : S-112 LADY
    $ 624 USD
    A ski that will allow the boldest girls to express themselves in deep powder. ...
    1. Award
    Ski Zag : S-112
    $ 620 USD
    A pinch of freeride and a dash of freestyle backcountry. This wide, light and playful twin-tip ski will amaze you by its...
    1. Award Tester's choice Skeur magazine
    2. Award Ski remarquable Ski Mag
    3. Award SKIEUR MAG 17 - 18
    Ski Zag : S-122
    $ 675 USD
    A genuine powder weapon with a short edge radius and a big double rocker: all you need to play in the forest and in...
  • Ski Zag : S-104 IZIPIZI
    $ 605 USD
    Ultra limited edition of this exclusive collaboration ZAG x IZIPIZI. Pair of freeride skis Zag Freeride Powder S-104...