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Our ultra-light skis to enjoy ski touring to the fullest and explore the whole mountain. These skis are both made for trailers who want to make the most of the long ascents and also for ski tourers who still want to enjoy the descent in every snow condition
  • Ski Zag : ADRET 81
    $ 720 USD
    High tech materials give this ski the best weight/performance ratio on the market! The wide and ultralight Adret 81 will...
  • Ski Zag : ADRET 88
    $ 750 USD
    Wider than the Adret 81, the Adret 88 will lead you ever further in powdery slopes. Lighter than the previous Adret XL,...
  • Ski Zag : ADRET 88 LADY
    $ 750 USD
    Even lighter, even more performant on hard snow, this Adret 88 Lady will be the best friend of all the touring ladies...