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Exploring the mountains with skis underfoot requires light and reliable materials. Exemplary during the climb, ZAG’s Touring Range also benefits from the brand’s freeride legacy, and offers skiers versatile materials, unparalleled comfort on all snow types, and an ideal balance between weight and performance. These skis are both made for trailers who want to make the most of the long ascents and also for ski tourers who still want to enjoy the descent in every snow condition.
  • Ski Zag : ADRET 81
    624.17 HT
    Designed for those who wish to gobble up the des- cent or those who simply want to lighten the climb, the Adret 81 does...
  • Ski Zag : ADRET 88
    607.5 HT
    A reference in the weight/performance ratio cate- gory, the Adret 88 is made for tourers who wish to make no compromise...
  • Ski Zag : ADRET 88 LADY
    607.5 HT
    Designed for women who are looking for the perfect touring ski for both the climb and the descent, the Adret 88 Lady...