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Freerando skis

Light skis to access tasty snow fields and couloirs. Lightness and off-piste performance are no longer incompatible!
  • Ski Zag : UBAC TEAM
    $ 330 USD
    It's touring family time! Our Ubac Team the 1st freetouring ski on the market specifically designed for kids. With the...
    1. Award Freerando Mag
    2. Award CTC
    Ski Zag : UBAC 95
    $ 665 USD
    The Ubac 95 is still as stable and comfortable. This versatility and its fantastic ease on hard snow have made this ski...
  • Ski Zag : UBAC 95 LADY
    $ 665 USD
    The Ubac 95 Lady have a modified flex and an exceptional weight / performance ratio. This Ubac 95 Lady always provides...
  • Ski Zag : UBAC 105
    $ 680 USD
    Wider than its smaller brother Ubac 95, this Ubac 105 (formerly Ubac XL) will convince the fiercest freeriders to put on...
    1. Award Freerando Mag
    2. Award Ski mag
    Ski Zag : BAKAN
    $ 685 USD
    A very large though ultra-light ski. Playful, stable, tolerant, unsinkable and comfortable, the Bakan will enchant the...