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Holidays in Val d'Isère

Holidays in Val d'Isère

ZAG offer a freeride journey Val d'Isère : With an area of 250 m2, The LOTHSE is able to receive up to 10 persons, is meant one of the nicest chalets of Val d' Isère in terms of equipment, design and comfort.

The space ease consists of an internal swimming pool, a hammam, a room of massage with chimney of ambience and a room of sports is equipped with apparatuses Power Plate and Technogym, of which new Kinesis. Endowed with a hot bathtub where the guests can have a hot bath at every hour, the ample terrace opens with the Face of Bellevarde, the church and the old village.

The big living room has a stone chimney with double home and a majestic framework in old wood. A right piano is at the disposal of guests. The chalet consists of 5 rooms in suite more a room with 2 simple beds. The master room has a chimney with ethyl alcohol and a massive stone tub. Each of other rooms in suite consists of a room of bath equipped with a tub or with a balnéo shower with throws and sky of rain. Its also have each a flat big screen and are linked up, very as the living room, with the international chains (Sky). All rooms are linked up with the audio system which allows to broadcast music.

The living room and rooms have an iPod foundation and consoles of games Wii and PS3, with a selection of games and available musics.

The living room is endowed of one video searchlight with huge screen and of a broad choice of DVD, as well as the master room. A particular care is brought in decoration: rooms of styliciens, chandeliers made to order and Afghan pieces of furniture in " mountain mind ".

All range ZAG is at your disposal in the show-room installed in the ground floor. The chalet has a room ski and a garage that can receive 3 vehicles.

The kitchen is completely equipped, and a shooter with beer is at the disposal of guests.

Rates and reservation Winter 2009/10

  • Supervision for 6 days of ski with AMBASSADOR ZAG (monitor of ski or guide of high mountain
  • Reception personified by a bilingual hostess French English
  • daily Household
  • Linen of home
  • Individual Breakfast, snack in the afternoon
  • Possibility of having dinner in the chalet on reservation.


03/01/2010 - 17/01/2010    20 000 €

17/01/2010 - 07/02/2010    16 000 €

07/02/2010 -  21/02/2010   22 000 €

21/02/2010 - 28/02/2010    27 000 €

28/02/2010 - 07/03/2010    22 000 €

07/03/2010 - 21/03/2010    18 000 €

21/03/2010 - 11/04/2010    16 000 €

11/04/2010 - 18/04/2010    22 000 €

18/04/2010 - 25/04/2010   14 000 €

25/04/2010 - 02/05/2010   16 000 €

Information and Reservation

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