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Norway is composed of 150 000 islands and islots and stretches on about 2000 km of the North Cape in the archipelago of Mandal, real wall between the Atlantic Ocean and the rest of Scandinavia.
¾ of Norway is occupied by the mountains of which hundred of summits over 1500m in height.
Norway is very rich thanks to the miracle of the oil today resulting from the Barents Sea. It’s the second world exporter of oil behind Saudi Arabia.
Norway is also the cradle of skiing, where its inhabitants have already practised a form of skiing since 2500 J-C, ancient engravings and fragments of skis discovered in swamps on the island of Rödöy show evidence of this.
It is to the Norwegian language that we owe the name “ski” which means "log", reference to two boards cut from tree trunks by axe.
It is still to the Norwegians that we owe the development of the contemporary ski: Sondre Norheim invented in 1868 a binding made from fine branches of willows which allows a person to fix his foot directly to the ski and thus creating Telemark skiing.
Here we find ourselves travelling to the country of auroras borealis, trolls, immense glaciers and especially deep fjords where we are going to navigate for a week aboard a boat Isbjorn II.
Starting the next day, we will hike from between 5 to 7 hours in the Alps of Lyngen which peak at 1853m.
Departure, by Zodiak, from the boat is at about 8 am, destination : the beach (a bit of fun when there are waves!). Return at about 3 pm, shower, snack, rest then dinner.
The altitude was never too high, so the hikes weren’t exhausting, the landscapes of a breathtaking beauty. You are all alone, the powder is of a beautiful quality and the pleasure is incredible when taking off your boots on the beach, with a boat which awaits you at an arm’s lengths.
Norway, a must for the devoted ski tourer.