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Passion and authenticity are the principal motivations of the ZAG brand. We build high performance, innovative skis, that allow fans of backcountry skiing to enjoy the mountain to the full.

Zag lab
chamonix mont-blanc
The epicenter of research and development of “MADE IN ZAG”. Here we have total control over the manufacturing process and each ski is designed and developed here in Chamonix. Customization has recently become an important factor too! There’s no accounting for taste!

RX Grip
Moderate camber with tip and tail rockers. Progressive tip rocker to enhance floatability. Short tail rocker for more strength.
Result: Efficiency and precision for any kind of terrain and snow condition.
RX Powder
Light camber mixed with long and very progressive tip and tail rockers.
Result: Exceptional floatability and absolute comfort in deep snow.
Rocker Light
Traditional camber with moderate tip rocker. Suitable for hardpack snow conditions.
Result: Strength on the edge and solid when carving. Provides good floatability.
ULKC : Ultra-Light Carbon Kevlar
The latest construction developed by ZAG and the lightest in the brand’s history, combining high-technology materials and a revolutionary 3D manufacturing process. The Kevlar fibre provides a level of skiability never achieved before on such light skis !
Our legendary freerando construction with paulownia wood has been optimised to provide lightness with skiability. Its stability and its improved grip make this an incredibly versatile ski.
A poplar wood core with a perfect dosage of flex and torsional resistance. This construction is the best you will find to practise freeride skiing in its most intense form.
LWC Technology : Light Weight Class Technology
A smart mix of paulownia and poplar for a light, yet very resistant, construction to enhance manoeuvrability and bring optimum comfort. A well-balanced compromise !
concept store
chamonix mont-blanc
Our new ZAG CONCEPT STORE at Chamonix opens its doors to you at the start of each season. Completely redesigned this summer, our new shop is the perfect place to discover the ZAG world : our skis (with or without bindings and/or skins), as well as our clothing range. As ever, our test service is fully operational to allow you the chance to try any product from the ZAG range before you buy.
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Team Riders & Pros
  • Aymeric
  • Wadeck
  • Luighi
  • Louise
  • Loïc
  • Julien
  • Maxence
  • Pierre-Yves
  • Tim
  • François
  • Roger
    Lopez de Haro
  • Johann
  • Sascha
  • Alberto
    Pantoja Dorda
  • Alvaro
    Pantoja Dorda
  • Luis
    Pantoja Trigueros
Nationality : French
Speciality : Freeride
The most frequented spots : Tignes
Aymeric does it all: freeride, steep skiing, derbies, touring... Co-founder of the "A la Française" webserie, you will find him skiing in the Tarentaise valley, his favourite playground.
Wadeck Gorak
Age : 28 ans
Nationality : French
Speciality : Freeride
The most frequented spots : Là où le vent remonte la pente de poudreuse !!!
Professional skier (extreme ski), Freeride world cup / sportive acting / mountain expedition, first descent (Aiguilles du Chambeyron 2013, Pain de Sucre and second in Les Ecrins)World top 30. 5 years of FWQ 4 stars, and many more to come!
Luighi Rottier
Nationality : French
Speciality : Freeride
The most frequented spots : La Rosière
Luighi is a true competitor. He has been competiting on the Freeride World Qualifier for 4 years and got the 2nd place during the French Freeride Series 2016 !
Louise Belison
Age : 26 ans
Nationality : French
Speciality : Freeride
The most frequented spots : Les Arcs
My favorite toys are the S-122: super playful in every kind of terrain. Those skis brought me a lot of fun!
Loïc Burri
Nationality : French
Speciality : Freeride
The most frequented spots : Verbier
“I mostly ride the H112's, some stiff skis to charge in the powder! Otherwise, when the terrain is really playful, I love skiing my S112!"
Julien Colonge
Nationality : French
Speciality : Randonnée
The most frequented spots : Avoriaz
Co-founder of the Ubac Images webserie, Julien obviously has to be part of the team! Guess what skis he rides everyday...
Maxence Cavalade
Nationality : French
The most frequented spots : Val d'Isère
"ZAG: on snow or in the air, these skis give me wings!"
Nationality : French
Speciality : freeride, BC, street
The most frequented spots : Avoriaz
" I love using the S-104 because I can do everything with them: they stay manoeuvrable to do tricks and enable me to play in the forest and in fluffy snow fields ! "
Pierre-Yves LEBLANC
Nationality : Canadian
Speciality : Freeride
The most frequented spots : Pemberton
“A real ski for real skiers”
Tim Vanhoutteghem
Nationality : Belgian
Speciality : Freeride et randonnée
The most frequented spots : Avoriaz
"ZAG gives me the ability to ski my dreams on a safe and fun way"
François BON
Nationality : French
Speciality : Speedriding
The most frequented spots : Les Arcs
“ZAG : easy to ski everywhere, always great”
Roger Lopez de Haro
Nationality : Spanish
Speciality : Freerando
The most frequented spots : Les Pyrénées
"I found with ZAG the perfect balance between lightness, comfort and flotability! Guiding with the UBAC bring me a lot of pleasure and a total safety."
Johann CIVEL
Nationality : French
Speciality : SnowKite
The most frequented spots : Le Col du Lautaret
“The S112 is a super every day ski for all snow conditions and all terrains. To go even bigger I take the S122 which allows me to put in just 2 turns where I might otherwise make 5!!”
Sascha GEIST
Nationality : Argentinian
Speciality : Freeride
The most frequented spots : Aran Valley
“I’m amazed by the combination of lightness and stiffness of ZAG skis. They are nimble yet stable at the same time. Ideal for all kinds of terrain and the variable snow conditions you often get here in Patagonia.”
Alberto Pantoja Dorda
Nationality : Spanish
Speciality : Freeride, Freerando
The most frequented spots : Les Pyrénées
Alberto is a Spanish photographer and filmmaker. Along with his brother Alvaro, he is part of the RECmountain filming company and is a freeride/nivology/safety instructor at the NIVOLOGIC Spanish freeride school.
Alvaro Pantoja Dorda
Nationality :
Speciality : Freeride, Freerando
The most frequented spots : Les Pyrénées
Luis Pantoja Trigueros
Nationality :
Speciality : Freeride, Freerando
The most frequented spots : Les Pyrénées
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  • Caroline de Wailly
    ZAG… more than just skis…a whole universe! My job is to encourage you to try our skis…as then you will enjoy a different and fulfilling ski experience. With Zag, Elevate your sensations ! When heading off with the team to the Grands Montets I’m always grateful to have available lightweight and easy turning skis like the Ubac Lady to help me keep up ! When I ski with my family in the Aravis, I’m happiest with my S-112 Lady skis as they allow me to commit whatever the snow conditions are like. Apart from being great skis, they’re also lovely to look at…. Very important !
  • Bastien Saillard
    It’s because of me, or thanks to me, that you enjoy your skis. I imagine, design and test all of the skis and being a perfectionist I always want more ! More performance, lighter weight, greater fun factor and of course ease of skiing, which we all need ! I’m often skiing prototypes but you will find me on S-122s 193 cm in the Chamonix trees on on H-112s 195 cm at the top of a big powder field ! When touring I take Ubacs as I know I can rely on them whatever the conditions.
  • Samira BARCHI
    Chief Financial Officer
    It was really by chance that I put on my first skis on the slopes of the Grands Montets and it was also by chance that a skiing accident forced me to stay in Haute-Savoie. My favorite skis are the H88: I feel safe, it is stable, handy, lightweight, responsive and hang the snow, like me
  • Alexis GRANDJEAN
    Sales Director
    The first time I tried ski touring, I rented a pair of matches to climb 1.200m elevation in Combe de Grand Crêt/Massif des Aravis. When going up, sensations were amazing, but when I went down, I literally wanted to burn the skis because of such an uncomfortable feeling. I sweared I would practice ski touring again, only when I would find pleasure on the two ways… until I discovered the UBAC 95. It was the crush. My role at ZAG is to develop the brand worldwide. It consists in finding the Italian, the Norwegian, the Swiss, the American, the Japanese, the Spanish, who, like me, are questing for their ZAG. In my ski room, there are UBAC102/184, Slap 104/188, H-95/184 and soon Slap112/188.
  • Alan Lemasson
    Digital Marketing Manager
    I’m the social media guy at ZAG ! Whether it’s a Facebook posting, photo on Instagram, a Youtube video or even a photo-shoot, you can be sure I’m involved ! When I’m not riding my downhill bike, I love touring with my UBAC 102 skis which are light enough not to tire my legs too much for the up and then really reward me on the down ! If there’s 50 cm of fresh snow I pull out the S-112 as it’s such a high performance yet amazingly playful powder-machine !
  • Nicolas Périer
    I am in charge of the ZAG lab. My job is to transform the increasingly innovative ideas and sketches of our visionary shaper into working models. In summary, prototype skis are my thing! My favourite playground is La Tête Aubry at Flégère. When I’m there, I’ll always have my H-112 skis with me, whatever the conditions.
  • Hadrien CECCARELLO
  • Laura LAFON
  • Leray Corentin
    Concept Store Manager
    I’m the one welcoming you around the fireplace with a good coffee in our Argentière’s Concept Store. Whether you want to talk about your last ski touring experience, ask some questions, try some skis or have your bindings set up on your new Zag, I’m the man !

    You can find me every lunch in Les Grands Montets with my S112 burning my legs in La Pendant or looking for the last piece of fresh snow !
  • Thibaut GOUMY
    Supply Chain Manager
    My role at ZAG is to ensure that you receive all your orders on time at your home or at your favorite store! During the weekends, I like to explore the Mont Blanc massif with my Ubac. But my daily ski is the H105 176cm, catchy on the slopes, he forgives everything on de the bumps and it's a treat in the powder!