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Passion and authenticity are the principal motivations of the ZAG brand. We build high performance, innovative skis, that allow fans of backcountry skiing to enjoy the mountain to the full.


Zag lab

chamonix mont-blanc

The epicenter of research and development of “MADE IN ZAG”. Here we have total control over the manufacturing process and each ski is designed and developed here in Chamonix. Customization has recently become an important factor too! There’s no accounting for taste!



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  • Ski Zag : ADRET 81 2019
    Designed for those who wish to gobble up the des- cent or those who simply want to lighten the climb, the Adret 81 does...
  • Ski Zag : ADRET 88
    A reference in the weight/performance ratio cate- gory, the Adret 88 is made for tourers who wish to make no compromise...
  • Ski Zag : ADRET 88 LADY
    Designed for women who are looking for the perfect touring ski for both the climb and the descent, the Adret 88 Lady...
  • Ski Zag : UBAC 95
    Approved by the Guides of Chamonix, the Ubac 95 is one of the greats in terms of touring skis! To- tally reinvented as a...
  • Ski Zag : UBAC 95 LADY
    The Ubac 95 Lady is designed for female tourers who know that one must climb to enjoy the best descents. Also resulting...
  • Ski Zag : UBAC 102
    A minimal burden during the climb despite its 102mm waist thanks to a light-weight design that out-performs all...
  • Ski Zag : BAKAN
    A generous sidecut and long double rockers, but a surprisingly insignificant weight! Stable, forgiving, unsinkable, and...
  • Ski Zag : UBAC TEAM
    It's touring family time! Our Ubac Team the 1st freetouring ski on the market specifically designed for kids. With the...
  • Ski Zag : H-85 LADY
    Intuitive and comfortable, don’t judge this ski by its narrow waist and short turn radius. While allowing you to carve...
  • Ski Zag : H-88
    Endowed with an excellent grip on hard pack snow and a short radius, the H88 is really playful and easy to manoeuvrer....
  • Ski Zag : H-95
    Developed and adopted by the ski patrollers of the Mont-Blanc Valley, the H-95 offers comfort, secu- rity, and...
  • Ski Zag : H-95 LADY
    The perfect combination of performance, versatility and ease-of-use. Its grippy edges will let you carve fast on pistes,...
  • Ski Zag : H-105
    This ski is made for strong skiers who want to ski fast and jump big cliffs in large powdery fields. This ski is more...
  • Ski Zag : H-112
    As its name suggests, this ski is not designed for everyone. An «H» for «Hospital» followed by the European...
  • Ski Zag : SLAP 104
    Intrigued by freeride but unready to leave the groomers forever? Easy in difficult snow, the Slap 104 permits skiers to...
  • Ski Zag : SLAP 104 LADY 2019
    This ski addresses women who are looking for a ver- satile ski ready to play off-piste and also perform on-piste. Light...
  • Ski Zag : SLAP 112
    Feather-light for a ski at 112 mm underfoot! Des- tined to devour powder fields or navigate snowy forests, the Slap 112...
  • Ski Zag : SLAP 112 LADY
    A ski build that does not go for subtleties for wo- men who do the same once they are deep in the powder! Adapted for...
  • Ski Zag : SLAP 122
    Do you know how to find your limits? Tolerant and adaptive to all ski styles by using its lift, the Slap 122 will make...
  • Ski Zag : SLAP TEAM
    Because young freeriders also need real skis to truly enjoy themselves! Little brother of the Slaps, this ski will allow...